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2003 World Karting Association Jr. Yamaha Supercan National Karting Champion

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Can you compete for a championship again in 2004?

  "Well I would love to win the Snap-On Stars of Karting ICA Championship, right now, everyone thinks they have a shot at winning it (the ICA championship). Our team is doing the same thing everybody else is doing, plus a little more I hope. We're all working hard to try to put ourselves in position to run for a championship title like we did last year in Jr. SuperCan. It's hard to say what's going to happen because you don't know how everyone else's programs are going to be compared to the way they were last year. We're just going to do the best we can."

Are you at a point in your karting career where if you don't finish the season with a championship you're disappointed?

  "No. Our series is so competitive that there are 8-10 teams that have the possibility of running in the top-three everywhere we go now. It's that competitiveness that makes you have to be that much better than everybody else and that much more consistent. Looking back, we can smile knowing that last year's championship finish was not luck, but a lot of hard work that paid off. That's how competitive this team is. It makes us feel good that we push that hard to be that successful."

Are there any go kart races in particular you'd like to add to your resume?

  "The race at Elkhart Lake, in the Snap-On Stars of Karting series and the Grand Nationals at Dousman, WI are probably the two that I'd really like to win. But last year we won three races that we'd never won before (all in Daytona). I like being able to win at different tracks. Before it's all said and done, I'd like to be able to say I've won at every race track we've run. With Billy Poynter at crew chief, doing what he does best and J&J Racing's setup experience at all the tracks, I hope to make that come true this year."

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