December 2005 - Casey Wins the Largest TaG race in WKA History at Daytona World Championships

October 2005 - Casey goes to Estoril for Red Bull sets 3rd Fastest lap

September 2005 - Casey Wins Red Bull Driver Search Finals

July 2005 - Casey Red Bull Driver Search F1 Boston Shoot Out

July 4th 2005 - Stars of Karting ICA Winner at Dismores Track

April 2005 - Casey Sets fast lap at VIR Skip Barber National race

2004 Red Bull Semi-Finalist Boston F1

WKA 2004 National Jr. Yamaha Supercan Champion

2nd in WKA 2004 National Formula Y Jr. Championship Points

3rd In 2004 WKA National HPV Jr. Championship Points

Winner 2004 Daytona Jr. Supercan + Fast Lap

Winner 2004 Daytona Formula Y Jr. + Fast Lap

Winner 2004 Daytona HPV Jr. + Fast Lap + Pole

2003 Great Lakes Jr. Supercan Champion

2003 Great Lakes Formula Y Jr. Champion

2003 Great Lakes HPV Jr. Champion

2002 OVKA Yamaha Jr. Supercan Champion

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