Young American Impressive at Red Bull Driver Search Young American Very Impressive at 2005 Red Bull Driver Search
Casey with Danny Sullivan after being selected the Winner of RBDS at Sebring

Red Bull Gmbh, the energy drink maker and inventor of the Red Bull F1 Driver Search Programme in the US may be getting what they have paid so much for. With the Red Bull Driver Search Semi-Final round being held in Sebring, FL this past week, a young US driver has given Red Bull Racing a another reason to smile. The Lad did a clean sweep, winning every race on the schedule of events. He not only swept the days races but set the fastest twenty seven laps before another drivers name came up.  

A Red Bull Driver Search principle in the US said “where has this kid been, where has he been racing, hell where’s he from?” Well after looking into last years results he was there, with Red Bull Racing all along. Casey Neal was the only participant in the 2004 Driver Search Semi-Final with no car racing experience; he ended up sixth fastest in the final race. After doing a bit more research we found that he had basically been overlooked for some kids with better known names that ended up not making it. Now here he is back again. He also commented “We obviously dropped the cookie on this one.”  

When asked about Neal’s performance, Herrmann Mertes of F1 Racing Network stated “We have scouted every Red Bull Driver Search Driver that’s come to this side of the pond. I spoke just this morning with some friends in Florida about this year’s Semi-Finalists. They told me the young American was very fast, confidant and possesses a very aggressive, intimidating style of racing. US drivers lack this racing trait or ability when they come to Europe. It is something that can’t be taught, it has to be natural - Hence they don’t make the grade over here. The young Red Bull driver hails a stones throw from Nicky Hayden of Moto GP fame - maybe there is something in the water from that area.” 

Mertes also said “It seems Red Bulls advantage in not having to deal with paid drivers is paying off handsomely as well. They actually get to choose their drivers based on talent and ability not someone’s sponsor list. Their 2002 driver search winner Scott Speed is slated to be driving the 1st Minardi next year with Neel Jani driving the 2nd car. Red Bull has been very happy with Speed, they just exercised their contract option on him for the 2006 racing season. It was rumored around that Williams was interested in him as well. Now maybe, the Red Bull team will have another driver in the youngster Neal to join the Junior Racing Team, which can compete with the Europeans, we’ll see in Estoril next month”.

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