Birth date:   June 1, 1988

Birthplace: Kettering, OH

Residence: Middletown, OH

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Years Racing: 7 Seasons

Racing goals: To win every race I race

Most memorable racing achievement: Going to the Red Bull Driver Search World Finals in Estoril, Spain

October 2007 - Casey enters his first ASA Late model Race

July 2007 - Casey Wins Yamaha Senior and Yamaha Lite at the George Evans Memorial WKA race.

March 2007 - Casey tests an ASA Late Model with Glenn Allen jr. of Allen-Hock Motorsports

October 2006 - Casey tests a legends car with Clay Hair and is told he needs to go to Charlotte and race NASCAR

August 2006 - Enters Champ Car Atlantic race in Montreal, Canada with Gelles racing

March 2006 - Casey sets the pace in Star Mazda at Sebring with John Walko Racing

February 2005 - Casey races 6 Skip Barber National Races and Podiums 3 times

Holds 11 World Karting Association Championships

5 World Karting Association Daytona Kart Week Wins at Daytona International Speedway makes Casey the driver with the most wins there

December 2005 - Casey Wins the Largest TaG race in WKA History at Daytona World Championships

October 2005 - Casey goes to Estoril for Red Bull sets 3rd Fastest lap

September 2005 - Casey Wins Red Bull Driver Search Finals

September 2005 - Casey Wins WKA Senior Super Can at Jacksonville, Florida Summer Nationals

July 2005 - Casey Red Bull Driver Search F1 Boston Shoot Out

July 4th 2005 - Stars of Karting ICA Winner at Lismore's Track on Sunday, runs second on Saturday

2004 - Red Bull Semi-Finalist Boston F1

Winner 2004 Daytona Jr. Supercan + Fast Lap

Winner 2004 Daytona Formula Y Jr. + Fast Lap

Winner 2004 Daytona HPV Jr. + Fast Lap + Pole

2003 World Karting Association Jr. Yamaha National Champion

2003 WKA Great Lakes Jr. Supercan Champion

2003 WKA Great Lakes Formula Y Jr. Champion

2003 WKA Great Lakes HPV Jr. Champion

2002 WKA Ohio Sprint Series Yamaha jr. Super Can Champion

2002 WKA Ohio Sprint Series Formula Y jr. Champion

2002 WKA Ohio Sprint Series HPV jr. Champion

2002 OVKA Yamaha Jr. Supercan Champion Wins 13 out of 16 races