These Pics are from The WKA World Championships at the Ocala Grandprix in Ocala, Fl.

This is me in front of the Motel, standing by a small Putt-Putt course. The weather was killer.

This is our pit spot at Ocala.

Here is Gerald, my Cart builder and my Dad discussing which gear ratio to go with.....

This is Francis, my engine builder and the guy that sets the chassis up. He is Good.

This is Scotty Rettich and his Mom and Dad. They are a real nice family that likes racing alot.

Here is Brett Winfrey, he just got his first Energy chassis and likes it alot.

it`s me on the starting grid. Check that new helmut out........thanks to Santa Claus

This is me and a friend named Ryan Demmett, going at it in HPV jr. feature race. I`m the first cart and he is the last one in the pic. We left these guys setting.

Here he makes a run at me. He actually passed me and I had to pass him back...........

another shot of the same race with me putting some distance on Ryan

another on the grid in my jr. Super Can Yamaha.....

another one on the grid from a different race.

my Dad getting ready to start my engine.......

i`m just coming into the turn........check the next pic out

did I catch that guy or what?

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