Steel Nitro is definitely the top of the line on two-cycle racing clutches. This new high tech oil bath beauty is ready to launch you into the winner's circle.

Models are available with two disc for the Sportsman competitor who is looking for a clutch that performs great and will require less maintenance than a dry clutch. For Yamaha Pipe and Piston Port Lite classes a three disc version is the correct choice. For Reed Valve or Heavy Weight classes the four disc version is preferred.

Outstanding Features:

The HDC dry clutch is the ultimate for sportsman classes. Small diameter and lightweight, it reduces inertia for better performance. HDC features a cam action lever system for uniform pressure during lock up and better balance. Features easy adjustment of the stall speed without removal of the clutch from the engine. Components are made from the best quality billet alloys. Drums are available in steel or aluminum.

Horstman's DXL clutches are of the oil bath multiple disc design for two cycle racing. The DXL has been a proven winner since 1978 when they were first introduced. Many upgrades have been made since the originals in order to provide the racer with an economical yet high performance clutch. Features include three discs for positive hook up and easy adjustment of stall speed through the oil cover. Ideal for the newcomer on a budget especially in the speedway division. For the Sr. Sportsman class and the Yamaha KT Lite class the four spring design DXL-991 or DXL-991 3B are a good choice. For the Yamaha Heavy class the six spring design DXL-3000 or DXL-3000 3B are preferred.

The standard drive hub features support of the crankshaft from the starter nut. Standard hubs are a better choice for the beginner because mounting the clutch is easier. The extended length drive hub (3B) features support of the crankshaft direct from the clutch hub. This way is considered more precise, however the hub must be in perfect alignment with the support or binding will occur.

Horstman's newest 4-cycle racing clutch named Greased Lightning "nothing is faster than greased lightning". It was developed from our popular MDC series clutch which has been the top clutch in karting for many years. Designed for experienced racers that like to customize their clutch setup to best suit engine and track conditions.

Outstanding Features:

HORSTMAN HDC Ultra-Light Steel Drum

1 Piece style for better precision... Made from billet alloy... Heat treated... Cryogenically treated for improved life... Light-Weight (strength of steel/ weight of aluminum)
Includes Graphite* bushing and spacer.
Retro-fits HDC 1, 2, 3 and 4

"Genuine" Factory Blueprinted Springs

Shot peened, spring tension matched, cryogenically treated. Improved Performance! Lasts up to 300% longer. Fits all Horstman disc clutches.