These are some Pics from the Grand Nationals in Dousman, Wisconsin..

These are some of my friends and Team Mates.

 Brad (the short guy in front) his dad Brett, his brother Jason is behind him and Scott Rettich

This is me Leading the pack out of turn eight at Dousman in my jr. Super Can.

This the a different heat race in the HPV jr. coming out of turn eight.

Getting ready  for the HPV jr. feature race.

Here is a pic of  Paul Curley, running third in that pack.

Here is another of me getting ready to go out on the track in my HPV jr.

Another of me in my HPV jr.

The Pic below is my dad`s friend Bill and my Cart builder Gerald Whaling going over my Jr. Super Can Yamaha

This is a pic of Paul Curley, Scotty Rettich and me looking at Pauls cart.

My dad`s friend Bill, timing me at turn one.

a pic of Bill and my dad......he is thinking really hard....hahaha

my dad, Bill and Ray working on the cart.

This is Gerald and Scotties Dad Don